Fascinating Facts about Welsh Springer Spaniels and Great Danes

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Known for their energetic but calm and kind disposition, the medium sized Welsh Springer Spaniels are particularly famous for their devotion and loyalty towards the owners, though they can sometimes act as impulsive or headstrong. These hard working hunting dogs, also called Welsh Springer or the Welshie, are good family pets as they are affectionate towards the family members and are friendly with children. Moreover, they are very intelligent and get along well with other dog breeds. They also do extremely well with obedience training.

Here are some intriguing facts about them –

1. They are not same as English Springer Spaniel

Many people confuse the Welsh Springer Spaniel with English Springer Spaniel. But in reality they are different. The head of the Welshie dog is unique as it has a slightly domed skull and a straight muzzle. The heads of other spaniels are very different. Interestingly, the dog gets its name from its style of hunting, and not from the relationship to other dog breeds.

2. They had a definite hunting purpose

This dog breed was made for a definite hunting purpose at a time when there were no guns. The dogs were used to find hunting targets like rabbit, partridge, or pheasant that usually hid under some kind of foliage or forest cover. After spotting the game the dog’s job was to drive it towards the hunter’s net or make it fly up in the air, so that the hunter’s falcon could nab it. Since this involved a lot of toiling in the brush thickets, marshlands, rocky hills, and furrows, the dogs were very sturdy, yet fast and agile.

3. The dogs were bred for endurance

The dogs had to work hard for days together, travel great distances and face extreme weather conditions. This is why they were bred for resilience, strength along with a passion for their job.

4. The soft, smooth, and thick red-and-white coat

The Welsh Springers are conspicuous for their red-and-white coat which is unique in that that coat is waterproof, thorn-proof, and weatherproof. The dogs often have many types of patterns in their coat and the white patches on their body may have red ticking. The dogs can clean their protective coats on their own, however, it is a good idea to brush and trim the coat occasionally.

5. They’re gentle dogs

The Welsh dogs are sweet and love the company of their human parents, so much so that they would often follow them from one room to another. They might not be very friendly with strangers and hence, won’t show any affection to them. However, they would hardly show signs of timidity or unfriendliness. It is recommended that you initiate a proper socialization exercise with your Welsh Springer early to ensure that your pet feels relaxed around strangers and in public.

6. They are smart dogs

The Welsh Springer is a very intelligent dog and is always ready to please the human parents.  The Springer Spaniels are also very fast at learning new things. But what is even more interesting about this dog breed is that it is terrific at learning from past experiences or mistakes, this is what makes it the top hunting companion. However, while initiating the training program with this dog you will need to be very patient, otherwise your Welsh Springer might show some stubborn streaks.

The Great Danes

Great Danes are great family pets, though they are not Danish in origin. If you look closely you will see that these colossal canines have similarity with the dogs depicted in the stone carvings in ancient Egypt. However, the modern Great Danes were bred in Germany in the 1800s, especially for the purpose of hunting boars. Their innate grace, courage, stature, and beauty have earned them the epithet ‘Apollo of dogs’.

Here’s some interesting facts about the Great Danes-

1. Tallest dogs in the world

Did you know that the male Great Dane may grow up to 32 inches at the shoulder and have a body weight of whooping 175 pounds? Females, though slightly smaller, can grow up to 30 inches and weigh 140 pounds. Another interesting thing about these dog breeds is that they often tower over their human family members while standing on their hind limbs. However, their massive size notwithstanding, these dogs are graceful, and majestic in their gait and temperament.

2. Highly affectionate and friendly

These dogs are hungry for love and want lots of affection and socialization with humans and other animals. This is what makes them perfect family dogs. Their nice, kind, and patient nature also make them great companions for children.  However, make sure not to leave these dogs alone with your kids as they might end up playing as rough as they would with their puppies.

A Great Dane pup would need some daily activity to drain its energy while for an adult Great Dane a couple of brisk walks of decent length are enough. You can make your Great Dane a great jogging partner but not before it is two years old.

4. They follow smells

Being bred as boar hunters, these dogs are highly sensitive to smells, and would follow a smell the moment it inhales it first. This is why, while taking it out for walks make sure to keep the dog on-leash. Also, consider fencing your house well if you have this dog breed as your pet.

5. Proper training is important

Though they are huge in size they are very obedient. You will have a good time training your Great Dane. Start early to ensure good socialization skills in your furry buddy. These dogs are also great participants in a number of sports, such as Agility, Obedience, Tracking, and Flyball.

6. Involves expensive care

Great Danes are expensive dogs and you will need to have a higher budget for keeping these dogs in good health which includes higher investments in diet, medical fees and also in terms of damage incurred to your home and car.

7. Have a relatively low life expectancy

The sad part about these dog breeds is that they generally live for only 7 to 10 years. However, those few years will be full of memories and fun that will be worth several lifetimes of love.

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