Dog Grooming: All You Need to Know

The pet grooming services market size was valued to be USD 5.38 billion two years back. It is being said that the market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.09% from 2022 to 2030. Out of this the global Dog Grooming market size was valued at USD 1.18 Billion in 2021 and is expected to grow USD 2.26 billion at a CAGR of 6.3% from 2022 to 2030. One of the main driving factors fueling the industry growth are rising pet expenditure by dog parents along with an increasing number of dog groomers & grooming businesses, and expansion of service offerings.

Today, there is no denying that a groomed dog is a happy dog. This is why dog parents are particularly inclined towards getting their dogs groomed at a regular interval either on their own or by a professional groomer at a dog grooming salon.

Grooming of dogs, irrespective of breeds, is extremely important to keep its coat shiny and knot-free. Moreover, grooming is a great way of keeping track of any probable parasite attack or skin ailments which in turn help your dog stay at the top of its health. An added advantage of grooming is that it makes you spend a lot of time with your pet dog and while doing so, bond closely with your furry buddy.

To prevent unwanted health hazards for your dog, maintain a regular routine of brushing the dog’s coat, especially if you have a long haired dog as your pet. That said, the importance of brushing your short haired dog is of no less significance as it helps in getting rid of loose hair and dirt, if any, from the pet’s coat. This also helps in prolonging the gap between its baths.

If you have long haired dogs including golden retriever and collies, you might need to include more frequent brushing which may mean once a week or even once in two days, as advised by your vet or a professional groomer. For greyhounds and labradors which are short haired dogs, brushing once in every two weeks should be good. For all kinds of bathing essentials for your dog visit the online store The online platform has a wide collection of dog shampoos, tooth brush, tooth paste, towels, oils, toys and what not!

Grooming of dogs with long and high-maintenance hair

Grooming is particularly important for dogs with long and high-maintenance hair. To begin with you will have to understand that grooming long-haired dogs will involve more time and endurance. However, once the grooming exercise is over the lovely locks will be all worth it.

Here are some of the easy steps on how to groom your long haired dog –

  • Long hairs of dogs tend to get knotted easily. So start the grooming routine by gently running your fingers through your dog’s coat. This will help to loosen the matted hair. Do keep in mind that using a brush or comb right at the beginning might be too painful for your dog and it might reject any grooming attempt next time.
  • After you have straightened out the knotted hairs, you can consider using a pinhead brush to comb through and untangle the hair further. However, be careful while brushing the sensitive spots.
  • Go about the grooming act in parts. Doing it all at once is not a good idea. Pay proper attention to the areas where your doggy friend has thicker fur and matting. You will need to brush these areas repeatedly.
  • Also make it a point to brush the coat forward then backward to get the natural shine in the silky coat of your buddy while also loosening the thick undercoats.
  • Another important thing to keep in mind is to constantly remove the hairs from the comb and visit the areas with a lot of hair fall quite a few times. However, while doing this you will need to take measures so that your dog’s skin does not turn sore with repeated brushing.
  • Cutting matted hair with scissors is an absolute no as you might end up cutting the skin inadvertently. The right way is to ease out the matted hairs at the edges first with a small brush. However, if your dog’s hair has turned excessively knotty, you should consider taking your dog to the vet or a professional dog groomer.

Grooming of dogs with short and low maintenance hair

Did you know that even if you have a pet dog with a short and low-maintenance coat, you will have to groom it regularly, by means of brushing, bathing and trimming its nails? Not to mention that if your canine friend has medium coats it will need occasional clipping and hair trimming. Many dog parents prefer to get the grooming part done by professional groomers at their clinics. However, with some research as well as following the advice of your vet you will easily be able to groom your dog in a proper and safe way at home.

Other grooming aspects

When grooming your dog, you will also need to include some other aspects into their grooming routine to make sure they stay on the top of their health and fitness. An important aspect of regular grooming is to take care of the dog’s teeth. To ensure healthy teeth you will need to get your canine friend used to regular tooth brushing. This will go a long way in ensuring great dental health.

The grooming exercise should also include some of the simple health checks like looking inside the mouth and ears, examining the paws, toes and nails; and also keeping a watch on the condition of the coat as well as the body weight of your furry buddy.

Grooming is vital for dogs to keep them healthy and happy. You will get the entire range of dog grooming essentials on at a very affordable price. Log on from the comfort of your home to bring home some exciting product and make the dog grooming exercise a fun affair. While exploring the platform do not forget to check out the other sections like pet clothing, pet food, pet accessories, as well as pet carriers.